Automotive Gasoline EGR System Market set to US$ 1,931.7 million by 2024

Automotive Gasoline EGR System Market set to US$ 1,931.7 million by 2024

February 20, 2020

Automotive Gasoline EGR System Market Overview:

EGR system for gasoline engines roughly accounts for less than one fourth of the total automotive EGR systems market and is likely to be one of the fastest-growing emission reduction technologies in gasoline vehicles in the coming five years. The global automotive gasoline EGR systems market is projected to offer healthy growth opportunities and is likely to reach US$ 1,931.7 million in 2024. Organic growth in automobile production, an increase in penetration of turbochargers in vehicles, and stringent emission standards of different countries are some major factors that are fueling the growth of EGR systems in gasoline vehicles.

The Diverse Stand Points:

The true picture of the market shall not emerge till the time the market is analysed from various point of views. Each vantage point gives better understanding of the market. The market of Automotive Gasoline EGR System has been view from various perspectives such as:

  • By Vehicle Type (Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle)
  • By Pressure Type (High-Pressure EGR Systems, Low-Pressure EGR Systems)
  • By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)

Each view helps us answer a prominent question, and we bring out the best market intelligence which is of interest to each and every player in the market, no matter where he lies in the value chain

The answers to the prominent questions which are evinced out of above slicing of the market are:

  • Which are the best performing segments of the market?
  • Which is the most dominant region?
  • Who are the movers and shakers of the market?
  • What are the regional growth hotspots?
  • What are the segmental growth forecasts?

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Automotive Gasoline EGR System Market Segment Insights:

Passenger Car: The growth engine

The market is segmented based on the vehicle type as passenger car and commercial vehicles. Passenger car is expected to remain the dominant segment of the automotive gasoline EGR systems market during the forecast period and is also likely to exhibit faster growth during the same period. Increasing production of passenger cars, especially in the developing economies including China and India and the introduction of stringent regulations regarding emissions are creating a gargantuan demand for EGR systems in passenger car’s gasoline engines.

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Dominance of: High-Pressure EGR System

Based on the pressure type, the market is segmented as high-pressure and low-pressure EGR systems. High-pressure EGR system is expected to remain the larger segment of the market over the next five years. High-pressure EGR system is used at lower engine speeds and load and it is more suitable for transient operation as it is not linked with long air paths.

Low-pressure EGR system is likely to witness the higher growth during the same period, driven by its advantages, such as a reduction in fuel consumption owing to better combustion phasing, reduction in pumping losses and heat losses through the cylinder walls, reduction in knock mitigation, and perfect cylinder-to-cylinder distribution.

A highly/moderately/fragment consolidated Market

The supply chain of this market comprises raw material suppliers, component manufacturers, EGR system manufacturers, automotive OEMs, distributors, and dealers. The key automotive gasoline EGR system manufacturers are Rheinmetall Automotive AG, BorgWarner Inc., Continental AG, Valeo Group, Denso Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Development of high-performance EGR systems for gasoline engines and formation of strategic alliances with OEMs to integrate EGR into different vehicle models are the key strategies adopted by the key players to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Regional Hegemony of Europe

Europe is projected to remain the largest automotive gasoline EGR systems market during the forecast period in terms of both value and volume. However, Asia-Pacific is likely to experience the highest growth, driven by China and India, the growth engines for the region’s market.

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Salient Features of the Report

The Research Report offers an in-depth view of the market, its health and growth, the factors shaping the industry, the competitive dynamics and a glimpse of the future.

The following are the key features of the report:

  • Strategic segmentation
  • Market analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Detailed Competitive Rivalry landscaping
  • Market trend and forecast analysis
  • Future Growth Boulevards  

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