Ford Offering After-Purchase Leveling Suspension Kits For Better Performance

Ford Offering After-Purchase Leveling Suspension Kits For Better Performance

September 27, 2019

Ford Performance Parts is offering after-purchase leveling kits for the first time. The kits will be used in Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 for even better off-road performance and greater vehicle customization.  

Ford Performance Parts developed these kits to make the off-road experience even better for our Ranger and F-150 customers,” said Eric Cin, global director at Ford Vehicle Personalization and Accessories. “Truck customers are asking for options for increased capability and customization, and the new leveling suspension kits for Ranger and F-150 deliver on that need.”

The leveling kits will enable off-road explorers to venture into even more challenging terrain. The off-road performance is also improved with Ford truck-optimized FOX™ shocks.

The off-road leveling kits for Ranger and F-150 will include new aluminium FOX shock bodies that are designed to provide ample cooking capacity over rough terrain, new front coilover springs that deliver optimal spring rate, vehicle-specific upper front mouths with polyurethane bushings that work to help isolate noise and vibration, and 2-inch front lift that levels the truck from front to rear.

The engineers at Ford Performance worked with FOX to develop unique valving for the shocks to deliver confident performance and predictable handling both off-road and on the pavement.

Both Ranger and F-150 with this kit installation will have improvements to front ground clearance, breakover angles, and others. High-speed off-roading and low-speed rock crawling are included in the development and testing for the leveling kits.

The elevated off-road geometry, paired with Ford Performance tuning, makes this a really unique offering,” said Cin. “The secret sauce to this kit is in the Ford Performance tuning. This suspension and its tuning are designed to improve off-road handling and responsiveness, specifically for Ranger and F-150.”

The kits are designed to be installed at the dealer on any four-wheeler-drive 2019 Ranger or four-wheel-drive 2015-19 F-150.

Source: Ford

Author : Meha Prasad


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