Hyundai Displays its i30 N Project C at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai Displays its i30 N Project C at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

September 12, 2019

Hyundai has launched its first ever high-performance i30 N Project C by using added lightness and even more responsive handling – for more smiles for the most demanding drivers. The car is 50 kgs lighter, sits 6 mm closer to the road, and features strong exterior and interior design.

Some of the unique specifications of i30 N Project C are clearly visible carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) body parts lacquered smooth to show the perfect carbon fibre weave such as the front splitter, rear diffuser, bonnet and N-branded side sills, to make the model lighter and also tighter to the tarmac at speed while being stunning to look at.

There are three important reasons of using ‘C’ in the model. The “Area C’ high-performance test track at Hyundai Namyang R&D Center is the birthplace of N. Project C is the first use ever made by Hyundai of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) body parts for a road car. Also, the effective centre of gravity for Project C is lowered by 8.8 mm as compared to the 275-PS specification of i30 N.

The i30 N Project C is the next emotional step in following the success of the i30 N, demonstrating that Hyundai is pushing the envelope even more to excite motorsport enthusiasts,” says Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Group’s Product Division. “What this limited edition, we have strategically reduced the weight of the car where it can help most, made its overall handling more immediate and optimised its design for even greater performance.”

The steering and suspension on i30 N Project C are considered a benchmark for the most enthusiastic i30 N drivers,” explains Alexander Eichler, Head of High Performance Vehicle Test and Development at Hyundai Motor Technical Center. “’Project c’ refers specifically to the Namyang R&D Center’s high-performance circuit called ‘Area C’. But the car has been equally dialled in at the Nurburgring Hyundai Technical Center in Meuspath.”

Hyundai pushes the limits of the i30 N with Project C, providing an all-new experience as well as pure dynamic and responsive satisfaction. The new model will be strictly limited to 600 units, and starts deliveries in select markets across Europe later this year.

Source: Hyundai

Author : Meha Prasad


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