Hyundai Motor Group Developed Center Side Airbag

Hyundai Motor Group Developed Center Side Airbag

September 20, 2019

Hyundai Motor Group has come up with the developing of a new center side airbag that will be rolled out in the upcoming vehicles.

The new airbag will be installed inside the driver’s seat that will deploy once the impact is sensed. It will expand into the space between driver and passenger seats and will prevent head injuries of passengers in the front row. Also, the airbag will protect the driver from side collision coming from the right side, when no one is there in the front passenger seat.

The Group has applied newly patented technology for better reliability. Also this new technology will simplify the design and will reduce the weight by 500g in comparison to the competing products. This will also reduce down the size that will provide more flexibility to the Group’s design team in designing future products.  

The company is expected to include the new airbag in the upcoming Euro NCAP by the beginning year of 2020.

The development of center side airbag goes beyond adding an additional airbag,” said Hyock In Kwon, research engineer from Crash safety System Engineering Design Team of Hyundai Motor Group. “We will continue striving to further improve passenger safety by being ready for all kinds of accidents.”

Source: Hyundai Motor Group


Author : Meha Prasad

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