Key Foundry to Begin Mass Production of Automotive Semiconductor Using Gen2 0.13 micron Embedded Flash Process

Key Foundry to Begin Mass Production of Automotive Semiconductor Using Gen2 0.13 micron Embedded Flash Process

April 07, 2021

Key Foundry has continued mass production of a broad range of consumer application products, such as MCU, Touch and Auto Focus with its Gen1 0.13 micron embedded flash technology for more than 5 years. This newly developed Gen2 0.13 micron embedded flash process can be applied to automotive parts, satisfying the reliability criteria of the AEC-Q100 Grade-1. The AEC-Q100 is an Integrated Circuit (IC) stress test qualification for automotive applications, and to be qualified for Grade-1, the IC should function properly for 10+ years under an extreme temperature as high as 125? while keeping all the data saved in the flash intact. Based on its accumulated know-how and utilizing the robust characteristics of its patented Side-wall Selective Transistor Cell (SSTC) structure, Key Foundry has developed an embedded flash technology that passes all the AEC-Q100 Grade-1 tests by adding ECC (Error Correcting Code memory) in the embedded flash IP. This design improvement increases the flash memory reliability of the technology and makes it suitable for automotive applications.

With greater reliability and more cost-competitiveness than the Gen1, this Gen2 technology is expected to be applied to a wide range of consumer applications including MCU, Touch and Auto Focus. Additionally, integrated with the BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) process, it is a good fit for various power products such as USB Type-C PDs, motor drive ICs, or wireless charging ICs. The application of Gen2 technology is expected to further expand to low-power IoT products with an ultra-low leakage process option. 

In addition, Key Foundry is also developing an embedded flash process in 0.11 microns, followed by the Gen1 and the Gen2 in 0.13 microns. The plan is to provide a flash IP with a memory density as high as 4Mbits by significantly reducing the size of flash cell in response to its customers' increasing demand for higher memory density.

Dr. Tae Jong Lee, CEO of Key Foundry said "We are excited to complete the first product development applying the Gen2 0.13 micron embedded flash technology and begin mass production,". He added, "We will take full advantage of our accumulated technological strengths to offer highly reliable and cost-competitive foundry services and continue to increase the portion of automotive semiconductors in our portfolio."

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