Vayyar Launched First Universal Automotive Safety Sensor Solutions

Vayyar Launched First Universal Automotive Safety Sensor Solutions

September 05, 2019

Vayyar has announced the launch of the world’s first sensor solution capable of meeting industry dual-band needs. The solution is the first to offer manufacturers with sensors that meet country-specific frequency requirements, such as 79GHz band in Japan, or a 60 GHz band in Europe and the United States, for increasing safety and passenger monitoring in the car interior. In comparison to any other option, this senor suite is far more advanced and cost-efficient, meeting all requirements for faster and more effective interior sensor implementation.

Vayyar’s universal sensor solutions create a new, holistic solution for manufacturers to maximize in-cabin safety and prevent accidents such as death of infants due to heatstroke in the car. These sensors will detect of an infant has been left in a vehicle, even if they are covered by a blanker or in a car seat, and send a notification to a driver’s phone to alert them of the danger.

Ian Podkamein, Director of Automotive Business Development for Vayyar, said: “Today, in a global market, car manufacturers need absolute flexibility on frequency ranges for an in-cabin safety solution. Vayyar is now uniquely positioned to offer low-cost yet highly advanced solutions that have multiple safety applications. With this advancement, we hope to prevent dangerous and life-threatening situations from happening in vehicles and look forward to working with manufacturers to create smarter, safer cars.”

The point cloud of the sensor is able to display the dimension, shape, location and movement of people and objects, and enable the complete identification of the car’s environment – regardless of environmental conditions like darkness.

The RF sensor is equipped with 48 transceivers at 60 GHz and 79 GHz wide-bands, allowing over thousands of virtual channels. The sensor is on a chip that consists of an internal DSP for real-time signal processing saving the need for an external ECU. This integrated solution offers multi-function capabilities to reduce the overall cost and number of sensors needed for a vehicle.

Source: Business Wire

Author : Meha Prasad


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