Velodyne Lidar Introduces Advanced Lidar Sensor, Alpha Prime

Velodyne Lidar Introduces Advanced Lidar Sensor, Alpha Prime

November 22, 2019

Velodyne Lidar has introduced the next generation lidar sensor, Alpha Prime that will be able to deliver the combined highest performance specifications for the autonomous mobility industry in one sensor. The sensor is said to be a great option for covering high range, perception, and field-of-view for autonomous markets such as trucking robotics, and transportation.

The unique combination innovations of the Alpha Prime enables the vehicles in navigating in unfamiliar and dynamic settings. The capabilities will help in improving vehicle safety and enabling more precise mapping. Some of the capabilities worth discussing are:

  • 360-degree surround view perception and a 40-degree vertical field-of-view,
  • Outstanding performance in a wide range of lighting conditions, including retro reflectors and sunlight mitigation,
  • Exceptional detection of dark or low reflectance objects at long distances,
  • Advanced perception of negative obstacle,
  • The highest resolution along with robust reflectivity returns from over 4.8 million points per second, simplifying detection and tracking of vehicles, pedestrians and other obstruction,
  • Improved efficiency for operating time of extended vehicle within broad temperature and environmental ranges without the need for active cooling,
  • High resolution and laser calibration enable the sensor to easily localize vehicles – outdoors or indoors – without a GPS, for precise positioning.
  • Automotive mass production options from multiple sources for qualified programs,
  • Advanced sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation.

Voyage has developed and deployed self-driving cars super-charged by Velodyne’s lidar technology for the past three years,” said Oliver Cameron, Voyage Co-Founder & CEO. “Our team is amazed by the advancement in the Alpha Prime and are continually impressed by Velodyne’s string by innovations.”

The Alpha Prime is a significant step forward in enabling the advancement of the autonomous vehicle and robot industries,” said Anand Gopalan, Chief Technology Officer, Velodyne Lidar. “With its breadth of best in-class features, the Alpha Prime is a marked advancement in sensor performance for real world conditions. Here at Velodyne, we take pride in listening to our customers and delivering innovative and high-performance products. We believe Velodyne’s versatility and agility extend our leadership status in the lidar business to empower autonomous solutions on a global scale.”

Source: Velodyne Lidar

Author : Meha Prasad


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