GKN Aerospace delivered Thermoplastic Composite components for the Bell Helicopter

GKN Aerospace delivered Thermoplastic Composite components for the Bell Helicopter

August 28, 2019

GKN Aerospace has lately delivered a pair of thermoplastic composite, induction welded Ruddervators, and two compression-moulded Access Panels manufactured from re-used thermoplastic waste material, to Bell V-280 Valor, helicopter from the Textron Inc. Company. The Ruddervators and Access Panels are technology demonstrators and are planned for flight testing on the aircraft in 2019 that will make the V-280 one of the first military aircraft with thermoplastic components.

Injection of the thermoplastic technology on a military platform opens opportunities for wider application in the defense market as they offer advantages in terms of weight, costs, production time and environmental impact.

The two compression-moulded Access panels are manufactured from recycled thermoplastic waste material from the two Ruddervators and are developed in a Dutch TPC-Cycle research program by Saxion.

Along with the demonstrator program, the global design team of GKN Aerospace supports Bell with further design optimization of the V-Tail.

John Pritchard CEO GKN Aerospace ASEA says: “We are proud to be part of Team Valor and to be selected for the design of the V tail. It is very exciting that our cutting edge thermoplastic technology will be flight tested for the first time on the state-of-the-art V-280 Valor.”

Source: GKN Aerospace

Author : Meha Prasad


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