Pegasus Partners with Callen-Lenz by signing MoU for Flight Control Systems Development

Pegasus Partners with Callen-Lenz by signing MoU for Flight Control Systems Development

September 04, 2019

Pegasus Universal Aerospace signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Callen-Lenz Group, a UK-based technical aviation consultancy, to collaborate on the design and development of the flight control systems for the Pegasus One aircraft. 

The merging of different functions such as transition from vertical take-off and hover, to forward horizontal flight, into one unique system will be a key technology enabling Pegasus One to deliver its powerful performance capabilities. 

Dr. Reza Mia, Pegasus founder and chairman said, “We believe that Callen-Lenz is the ideal partner for Pegasus. Their inventive approach to aerospace challenges, their expertise, and their willingness to embark on this exciting journey with us to deliver a unique proposition determined our selection process. We are excited to be working on this game changing project with them.”

We have been invited to work with a number of new aircraft program, but were extremely impressed by the ambition, vision and quality of the Pegasus VBJ project. As the race hots up to deliver new aircraft technologies, we are pleased to join forces with one of the most exciting airframes in development,” said Jonathan Webber, CEO at Callen-Lenz. 

As per the MoU, the team at Callen-Lenz will work closely with the executive team, engineers and newly appointed chief pilot captain Andrew Dietrich at Pegasus. Captain Dietrich has an experience of 26 years and 16000 hours of flying time that will be an add-on to the aircraft operational capability, performance and safety requirements. He will work alongside Callen-Lenz and Pegasus Chief Engineer Matthew Buttle and will have the responsibility of overseeing compliance, safety procedures and the coordination of test pilots during the official test flight phase. 

We want to build an aircraft that pilots know is responsive, safe and reliable, efficient and above all fun and straight forward to fly. Captain Dietrich will help us achieve these goals and more. We are excited to add his extensive skills and enthusiasm to our team,” commented Dr. Reza Mia. 

I’m aware there are many eVTOL projects in development, but I wanted to work with the dynamic Pegasus team. The concept is brilliant, the team is solid, and I believe it will make a dramatic difference to the way executives and high-net-worth individuals think about flight in the future. There is also huge potential in the oil and gas platform, (OGP) sector. Being involved with the Pegasus project allows me to use all my accumulated experience on one of the most exciting new and innovative aircraft programmes on the market, it’s a superb opportunity,” added Captain Dietrich. 

Source: Aviation Pros  


Author : Meha Prasad


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