SGL has Delivered Composite Materials to Airbus Helicopters for Rotor Blades

SGL has Delivered Composite Materials to Airbus Helicopters for Rotor Blades

November 26, 2019

SGL has delivered two special glass fiber textiles since August this year for Airbus Helicopter’s new version of helicopter model H145. These materials are used in the new and especially efficient five-blade rotor. Also, the material has been qualified for the application for the next years to come.

 SGL has manufactured the fabrics at its site in Willich near Dusseldorf in a multi-stage process and has delivered to Airbus Helicopters in Paris. The fabrics are known to be extremely resistant, providing optimal support for the new geometry of the especially long H145 rotor blades due to their unidirectional fiber orientation.

“The order emphasizes our growing presence in the aerospace business. With the fabrics for Airbus Helicopters, we have realized, qualified, and started serial production for a material concept for primary structural components for the first time,” underscores Dr. Andreas Erber, Head of the Aerospace segment in the business unit Composites – Fibers & Materials at SGL Carbon.

The deliveries of the part is within a contract with Airbus Helicopters and is intended to gradually intensify collaboration. Airbus Helicopters and SGL Carbon has also worked together in the area of component material processing for Airbus group aircraft doors for years also. Also, SGL Carbon and Airbus are involved jointly in different associations and research projects in the area of components like Carbon Composites e.V.

Source: SGL Carbon

Author : Meha Prasad

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