SMi Announces Small Satellite Conference in London 2020

SMi Announces Small Satellite Conference in London 2020

November 22, 2019

SMi has announced the Small Satellite Conference in London from the 27th April to 28th April 2020.

The market for small satellites is on constant growth and it is estimated to reach out to $7.53 bn by 2022. Hence, the leading industry and government stakeholders worldwide are developing the ability to deliver connectivity here on the ground through new LEO constellations mantel seriously.

As adoption of small, nano and cube satellite constellations has been driven by the commercial market – in particular for COMSATCOM – there is now growing consensus that architectures of military systems can and must include an architecture that will support LEO solution provision.

The conference is announced to explore economies of scale, small satellite production and design, regulatory considerations in the increasingly congested domain and key program update from across leading space agencies, militaries, and commercial solution providers.

The conference is all set to offer a list of benefits to the participants.

  • It will offer an understanding of the emerging mega-constellations means from a regulatory perspective and will offer a platform of how to do business with the small satellites market,
  • It will offer key updates from leading commercial solution providers developing cutting edge cube and nanosatellites – including leading UK industrial partners,
  • It will offer to learn of how future launch is being developed with critical perspectives from industry, space agencies and militaries developing this capability,
  • It will allow participants to meet and network with innovative companies and government stakeholders disrupting approach to space.

Source: SMi

Author : Meha Prasad


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