Solvay Plans Expansion of its Aerospace Thermoplastic Composites Capacity in the US

Solvay Plans Expansion of its Aerospace Thermoplastic Composites Capacity in the US

September 26, 2019

Solvay is introducing a new producing line at its U.S. facility in Anaheim, California for expanding its thermoplastic composites capacity. The aim is to meet strong demand growth from aerospace customers for this high performance material and Solvay’s proprietary and unique technology.

The expansion of Solvay will not only help in improving the output but also enhancing the quality, consistency, and industrial reliability.

This significant expansion in a short time, coupled with our unrelenting attention to overall quality and productivity improvement, illustrates our engagement to serve our customers best. Their strong demand shows they value how our materials reduce manufacturing time and cost, helping to raise the build rate of aircraft. Solvay is in leading position to drive breakthroughs in materials innovation and accompany our customers in their growth requirements,” mentioned by Augusto Di Donfrancesco, Member of Solvay’s Executive Committee.

Solvay has already announced the creation of its first horizontal strategic platform in May this year, to accelerate the development of thermoplastics composites as part of its strategy to leverage its unmatched portfolio and expertise in specialty polymers and carbon fiber composites. The benefits of these lightweighting materials are lower emission in planes and cars and facilitating their design and integration. Pipes in oil and gas industry are other applications as they are strong and cost-effective alternative to the existing steel options.

Source: Solvay

Author : Meha Prasad


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