MX3D produces the World's First Metal 3D-Printed Bridge at UT Campus

MX3D produces the World's First Metal 3D-Printed Bridge at UT Campus

September 13, 2019

The Dutch company MX3D have produced the world’s first metal 3D-printed bridge after a design by Joris Laarman Lab in collaboration with lead engineer Arup. Plans are to insert this bridge in its permanent location in Amsterdam at the start of 2020. University of Twente, along with Imperial College London will carry out the final construction tests.

Initial testing will be on the total load-carrying capacity of the bridge to safeguard safety and functionality. Imperial College London will supervise the test and the bridge will remain at the campus for a further two months after the month planned for construction testing. University of Twente will work closely and actively with MX3D, Autodesk and Arup during this period, for the design, development and testing of the permanent sensor network to be installed on the bridge. Autodesk and MX3D are highly encouraging of creative ideas for various aspects of the sensor network and this includes ideas for the types of sensors that could be incorporated in the network, safe and vandalism-proof sensors, data collection/communication/analysis, etc.

Source: University of Twente

Author : Meha Prasad


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