SmartPractice offers a donation of $235,000 for TGEN-LED Breast cancer Research

SmartPractice offers a donation of $235,000 for TGEN-LED Breast cancer Research

August 16, 2019

SmartPractice has offered a donation of $60,000 to the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), for the development of a quicker and more accurate way to detect and monitor breast cancer, through “liquid biopsy”.

We have donated to TGen for five years now because we believe TGen is making a unique contribution to advancing state-of-the-art treatments for breast cancer,” said Dr. Curt Hamann, CEO of SmartPractice.

Dr. Muhammad Murtaza, Assistant Professor and Co-Director of TGen’s Center for Noninvasive Diagnostics, is researching genetic markers called circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to help determine the precise nature of the tumor of each patient.

We are developing methods to precisely measure the contribution of tumor tissues in blood,” said Dr. Murtuza. “If we can successfully demonstrate that cancers can be accurately detected during and after treatment using ctDNA, it could enable us to test individualized treatment plans in future clinical trials.”

Detecting and identifying the exact type of breast cancer is essential to treat the disease effectively and offer the patients the best option of recovery. It also can help in limiting unnecessary or ineffective therapies in some patients.

By supporting this remarkable research at TGen, we at SmartPractice believe we can help make a real difference in the lives of breast cancer patients,” said Michelle Shaw, Vice President of Human Resources at SmartPractice.

 Source: TGen

Author : Meha Prasad

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