A revolution in military affairs

A revolution in military affairs

August 20, 2020

From the advent of the Dreadnought battleship back in 1906 to the rise of nuclear weapons during the Cold War, militaries around the world have often talked about a ‘revolution’ occurring in military affairs but in truth, while the technology changed, the way in which wars were fought did not - whether that was in Korea, Vietnam, The Falklands or Iraq.

Today, however, there is a growing belief that over the next 20 years, or so, we will experience a revolution in warfare, with significantly more changes than we’ve seen at any time in the past 50 years – from weapons’ capabilities to the way in which wars are conducted.

Revolutionary technologies from new sensors and embedded computers to drones and robotics, together with developments in artificial intelligence and the use of big data, are being combined and will radically change the nature of warfare.

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Author : Emily


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