Are lethal autonomous weapons the future of warfare

Are lethal autonomous weapons the future of warfare

August 13, 2020

An armed weapons system capable of making decisions sounds like it’s straight out of a Terminator movie. But once lethal autonomous weapons are out in the world, there could be no turning back.

“It’s very possible that we can’t put the genie back in the bottle with lethal autonomous weapon systems,” says Dr Michael Richardson, who was recently named a Top 5 Humanities Researcher by the ABC for his work on drone technologies.

Dr Richardson, who researches political violence and emerging technologies, says developments in lethal autonomous weapons are accelerating radically. He says these systems are not yet deployed operationally, but there are still several reasons why we should all be concerned.

Most of the major militaries around the world are developing lethal autonomous weapons of different kinds, sometimes even in partnership with big tech companies,” says the Senior Research Fellow from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

“It’s a big question – what does it mean to hand over some of the decision making around violence to machines, and everybody on the planet will have a stake in what happens on this front.”

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