British Army sheds an Afghan war legacy: blast-proof trucks

British Army sheds an Afghan war legacy: blast-proof trucks

August 05, 2020

Nearly 750 armored vehicles purchased by the British Ministry of Defence to combat the threat of roadside bombs in Afghanistan are being axed from the Army’s force structure.

Mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound armored fleets are to be pensioned off in the latest drawdown of vehicles under the Land Environment Fleet Optimisation Plan (LEFOP) by the British Army, MoD procurement minister Jeremy Quin told lawmakers this month.

The plan includes the complete deletion of some fleets and the reduction in size of others, as vehicle numbers are right-sized to reflect the needs of the British Army.

Some 733 of the vehicles built by US manufacturer Force Protection, subsequently acquired by General Dynamics, are to go in the latest cull of counterinsurgency-specific rides purchased by the British to provide better protection for troops against improvised explosive devices.

„The Army continues to rationalise its legacy vehicle fleets, work commenced in 2017 under the Land Environment Fleet Optimisation Plan. This work has already removed 2,831 vehicles from service and disposed of a number of legacy vehicle fleets. The next strand of this work seeks to remove several further legacy vehicle types from service, including the disposal of the Mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound fleets,“ Quin said in a July 2 written answer to a question asked by a lawmaker.

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