Digital Tools: e-learning for DESMIís Ballast Water Management System

Digital Tools: e-learning for DESMIís Ballast Water Management System

September 24, 2020

Marine engineers and crew members can now train and learn about DESMI Ocean Guard’s CompactClean ballast water management system with two digital offline tools. One is a computer-based training (CBT) program and the other is a mobile app. 

While the e-learning tools were in development long before the Covid-19 pandemic, they come at a good time, says Mark Kalhøj Andersen, Technical Manager and Head of Projects and Engineering, DESMI Ocean Guard. 

“It's a huge benefit to have these tools when we are in a situation where people can't meet,” Mark says. “We developed these as a way to reach out to all of our customers and also internally in the organization with a training tool that would enable us to distribute knowledge in a fast and efficient way. Our customers are located all around the world with limited access to internet, and it’s not possible to run everything online. So we need to be able to distribute offline services that can be operated by downloading the tools when you have internet and then operating them offline.”

The tools will help vessel owners to educate the crew about ballast water legislation. They also help marine engineers to understand the ballast water management system: what it is, how to operate it, and how to maintain and service it. 


Author : Emily


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