Simplifying DC-DC Converter Modules

Simplifying DC-DC Converter Modules

July 20, 2020

Empower Semiconductor’s configurable hardware platform has simplified the adoption of DC/DC converters for designers.

Empower Semi develops integrated high-frequency voltage regulators (IVR) entirely in the CMOS process. These products integrate all-discrete power supply components, simplifying the design process, and reducing the PCB area for efficient thermal management.

With its power management product platform, Empower Semiconductor has achieved integration of a triple output DC/DC device without external components, all in a single 5 mm x 5 mm package. The new family announced by the company offers significant energy savings in data centers.

With a minimal footprint, programmability, and management of power and output configurations, power designers can use the new EP70xx across a wide range of designs.

“All the features are programmable through a bus. So, there’s no need for external components to program things. So we can send it into factory or customers can program it as well,” said Steve Shultis, SVP sales & marketing at Empower Semiconductor.

Power technology
The progressive spreading of new energy efficiency standards and the constant evolution of the processing capacity and functionality of new generation products have radically changed the methods used in the conversion, management and distribution of power.

In general, the designs of these products have never been influenced by issues such as standby current dissipation, dynamic load voltages and increasingly compact form factors as is the case, for example, in the wireless handheld sector.

In general, designers of such applications have always focused on low-cost control circuits with switching frequencies below 1 MHz and external components to ensure features such as soft-start, stability, filtering and optimization of load transient response.

Traditional DC/DC converters must operate at low frequencies (0.3MHz – 3MHz) to achieve high efficiency.  Low frequency operation involves extensive output and input filtering with large or bulky output capacitors typically placed in parallel to achieve 100μF or more.

“The elimination of large capacitors allows the Empower IVR to reduce the output voltage deviation during transients by 1/3 or less with recovery times being 100 times faster than the best DC/DC converters,” said Tim Phillips, CEO & founder at Empower Semi.

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