Solvay launches epoxy prepreg for aerostructures compression molding

Solvay launches epoxy prepreg for aerostructures compression molding

February 26, 2021

Solvay Composite Materials (Alpharetta, Ga., U.S.) announced on Feb. 24 that it has launched CYCOM EP2750, a new highly drapable epoxy prepreg designed specifically for the compression molding of high-quality, high-rate, cost-effective primary and secondary aerostructures. The resin can be processed via compression molding only, compression molding with freestanding post-cure, or autoclave cure and offers takt times as short at 15 minutes.

Solvay officials say development of CYCOM EP2750 was stimulated by demand for an epoxy prepreg that allows fabricators to provide high-rate, reliable, cost-effective parts manufacture at aerospace quality. The goal of the prepreg is to enable manufacture of composite parts that are cost- and performance-competitive with machined aluminum.

Solvay points to two aerospace market trends that are likely to benefit significantly from CYCOM EP2750. First, single-aisle replacements for the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320 aircraft are each expected to be manufactured at or close to 100 units per month. Second is the burgeoning urban air mobility (UAM) market, comprised of small, point-to-point, manned and unmanned aircraft. These likely will be manufactured at rates numbering 3,000-5,000 units per year and, like larger commercial aircraft, will require materials and processes qualified for aerospace application.

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