The U.S. Wants To Manufacture Russian Weapons

The U.S. Wants To Manufacture Russian Weapons

July 15, 2020

See that Russian Kalashnikov rifle? That Russian mortar and anti-tank rocket?

It might be made in America.

The U.S. Army wants to acquire arms designed by the Soviet Union, that can be used by American allies who use such equipment today. This includes “ammunition and weapon items produced and used by the Former Soviet Union (FSU) or Eastern Bloc countries,” according to a new contract announcement.

These items “cannot be procured through the Army supply system,” the announcement helpfully notes. The eventual goal is to award a five-year contract – scheduled to run from 2022 to 2026 — to manufacture munitions that will be delivered U.S. and overseas locations.

The Army’s wish list includes a staggering variety of weapons, judging by a June 2020 PowerPoint presentation by the Product Director Special Ammunition and Weapon Systems. It encompasses Soviet-designed anti-tank guided missiles, ground- and air-launched battlefield rockets, howitzer and mortar ammunition ranging from light 60-millimeter to heavy 152-millimeter shells, 125-millimeter tank cannon rounds, 23- and 30-millimeter cannon ammunition, RPG anti-tank rockets, and bullets for AK-47 and AK-74 rifles.

The Soviet Union became a historical footnote 30 years ago. Yet perhaps the Soviet empire’s most enduring legacy is the colossal amounts of arms that it supplied to its Eastern European satellites, Third World governments, and assorted guerrillas and terrorists. There are also many nations, such as China and Bulgaria, that produce and export Soviet-designed weapons. Eastern  European-made rifles, artillery and tanks have ended up in the front lines of conflicts like the Syrian civil war.

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