This New Hybrid Electric Aircraft Can Take Off Vertically and Land Like a Plane

This New Hybrid Electric Aircraft Can Take Off Vertically and Land Like a Plane

January 25, 2021

Swiss manufacturer Manta has created a twist on traditional eVTOL aircraft, which are designed to ascend and descend like helicopters. Its single-seat ANN1 and double-seat Ann2 are actually eSTOLs—the S stands for “short-area”—that execute vertical takeoffs and landings, but they can also land like conventional aircraft on runways as short as 100 yards.

The advantages of the new design include increased range and payload, since using even a very short runway consumes a lot less battery power than going vertical. The ANNs also have small fuel-driven generators that create electricity to keep the batteries topped up longer and make for faster recharging.

Beyond increased range, they’re probably the most fun of any of the new electric aircraft since they’re also designed for joy riding. The lightweight carbon composite frame and dual-wing, V-tail design generate more speed, while enhancing climb performance and maneuverability.


Four ducted electric fans attached to the wings tilt to direct the thrust and recent tests on a ten-foot-long scale model show they’ll push the new Mantas to a 186-mph cruising speed with a range of 373 miles.

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