What is the future of Industrial Wax Market? Know Covid Impact on Size, Share & Forecasts

What is the future of Industrial Wax Market? Know Covid Impact on Size, Share & Forecasts

February 15, 2021

Feb 15,2021/IndustryNewsGlobal/ The unexpected shifts in the global markets because of the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus have brought many major and minor tremors to industries of all sizes including the Industrial Wax Market.

It was estimated prior to this unanticipated outbreak that the Industrial Wax Market was expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period. However, the gradual slowing down of industries will undoubtedly impose limits on the previously estimated growth rate.

Industrial wax is an organic substance. It is used to manufacture candles, packaging, coatings & polishing, hot-melt adhesive, tire & rubber, cosmetics & personal care, and food items. There are different types of industrial wax used such as fossil-based, synthetic based, and bio-based. Bio-based waxes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. They do not emit carbon dioxide due to which they can be used as fire logs.

Robust demand for chemicals and petroleum-based products has been the key factor immensely contributing to the growth of the industrial wax market. In addition, growing population, technological advancements in the wax market, and increasing per capita income in emerging countries such as China and India are underpinning the growth of the industrial wax market.

This report studies the market covering a period of 12 years of trend and forecast. The report provides detailed insights into the market dynamics to enable informed business decision making and growth strategy formulation based on the opportunities present in the market.

Based on the product type, the market is segmented as synthetic-based wax, bio-based wax, and fossil-based wax.  Fossil-based wax is likely to be the largest segment of the industrial wax market during the forecast period, owing to it being widely used in the cosmetic industry for manufacturing products such as mascara, moisturizing creams, lipstick, and sun blocks. Besides, it is also used for making candelas, packaging, and coatings of commercial products, which in turn, is driving the growth of the segment.

Based on the application type, the market is segmented as packaging, tires & rubber, candles, holt-melt adhesives, cosmetics & personal care, food, coatings & polishes, and others. The packaging segment is likely to be the attractive segment during the forecast period as the demand for moisture-resistant material for packaging is increasing globally.

In terms of regions, Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the largest industrial wax market during the forecast period, with China, Japan, and India, being the major countries with lucrative growth opportunities. The region is known to be the largest consumer of industrial wax, owing to the growth in the production and consumption of candles, packaging products and coatings.


Key Players:

Some of the major industrial wax manufacturers are-

  • Dow Corning Ltd.
  • Akzo Nobel NV
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Sinopec
  • Petroleo Brasileiro
  • Hexion Inc.
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Arch Chemicals PVT LTD
  • Momentive Performance Materials.

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