The next generation Liquigas Lite cylinders introduced in the market

The next generation Liquigas Lite cylinders introduced in the market

August 01, 2019

The next-generation gas cylinder, Liquigas Lite is introduced now to the market with its benefits over the traditional steel cylinders. These cylinders are extremely lightweight, attractive in both color and shape, rust and corrosion-proof and UV resistant.  

The fiberglass composite layer is responsible for providing the cylinder with high tensile strength, lightweight and also UV resistant. Also, the heavy-duty polyethylene casing makes it resistant to rough handling and logistics.

The cylinders are known to comply with all the globally recognized accreditations and safety standards as they are subject to multiple tests including hydraulic proof pressure, hydraulic volumetric expansion, cylinder burst, leaks, high temperatures, and fire resistance.

Talking about the benefits, Liquigas Lite gas cylinders are almost half the weight of steel cylinders with specially designed handle rings that provide a firm grip. They are available in aesthetic appeal and will not ruin the sight of a well-pruned garden or a balcony. It has a translucent body that enables to accurately check the LPG gas level against the light. Non-corrosiveness is another great benefit of the cylinder and there are fewer chances of leaving stains and marks on different surfaces.

Apart from such benefits, the materials of the cylinder include UV protective additives that withstand adverse weather conditions and prevent degradation. Also, the composite glass fiber bottles can be crushed and added to concrete used for construction.

Ordering of the lite gas cylinders is quite simple if the consumer is staying in the suggested localities of Pembroke, Madliena, Swiegi, and Ibrag. Liquigas Lite service providers can be contacted at 2248 6010 by calling or sending a message for orders. They can be also contacted at their Facebook page of After the order is placed, date and time is scheduled that is most convenient for the customers and then the Liquigas cylinder is delivered straight to the door.

Source: Liquigas

Author : Meha Prasad

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