AIT bridges expands offerings to add fiber reinforced polymer tub girder to its bridge designs

AIT bridges expands offerings to add fiber reinforced polymer tub girder to its bridge designs

August 07, 2019

AIT Bridges, a designer and supplier of composite bridge systems and structural components for commercial construction, announced about the addition of a composite tub girder, known as the AIT CT Girder, to its composite bridge system offerings. Developed in cooperation with The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, AIT Bridges is known for its composite arch bridge system, commercially available and installed since 2010.

The extension of the product offerings from AIT Bridges is said to provide an affordable, long term solution to traditional steel and concrete medium span deck bridges. The AIT CT Girder consists of lightweight fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tub girders supported on standard foundations with either a precast concrete panel deck or a cast in place concrete bridge deck. Spans up to 100 feet are easily achievable.

One of the first advantages of the AIT CT Girder is its sustainability. The manufacturing process and installation brings a significantly reduced carbon footprint over conventional steel and concrete girders.

Longevity is another advantage with the CT Girder being a solution of more than 100 years. It is naturally corrosion resistant and it is made of materials that are custom designed to overcome many environmental challenges. The CT Girder required little to no maintenance.

The lightweight of the CT Girder in comparison to steel and concrete is another great advantage. This reduction in weight allows for a decrease in large equipment on the construction site and significantly reduces transportation costs.

The CT Girder is known for its lowest life cycle cost in the industry and many times the lowest initial cost when compared to steel and concreate solutions.

“Our composite tub girder is, ultimately, going to be a game changer in the bridge construction sector. It is versatile, strong but light weight, affordable and ultimately intended to replace concreate and steel girders in the marketplace,” said Brit Svoboda, Chairman and CEO, AIT Bridges. “For anyone that knows of our arch system, the AIT CT Girder is a natural extension of what we already offer. It can be used as a highway, rail, or pedestrian bridge, even as a part of a building structure, parking garage system, marine structure and in many other places where steel and concreate support girders are used. We are pleased to introduce this addition to our line of bridge system offerings.”

Source: AIT Bridges

Author : Meha Prasad

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