BUFA Thermoplastic Composites adds MaruHachi products to its product range

BUFA Thermoplastic Composites adds MaruHachi products to its product range

August 02, 2019

BÜFA has gained another partner as it includes products from MaruHachi in its product range. MaruHachi is a Japanese manufacturer of thermoplastic composites in the form of tapes and plates, also known as UD tapes and organosheets.

The UD tapes are continuous-fiber-reinforced tapes in which glass or carbon fibers are so ideally embedded in a thermoplastic matrix that opens up completely new possibilities in component production. Though they are very thin, they are highly stable and lightweight at the same time that allows complex component shapes to be produced. Not only the thermoplastic UD tapes are recyclable, also they are highly efficient, tough, and flame retardant and have the important property of conductivity. The tapes are processed in Tapelegeverfahren. Along with the help of the winding technique, complex three-dimensional components such as tanks can be made.

If fabrics are impregnated with thermoplastics instead of endless fibers, this is known as organosheets whose mechanical properties can exceed those of metal sheets. They can be easily brought into the desired component shape with the help of thermoforming. The products are used most frequently for dynamic structural applications in various market segments such as transportation (automotive), electronics, sports, construction and civil engineering or consumer goods.

Source: BÜFA

Author : Meha Prasad


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