Hexagon Resources is aiming to Integrate Graphite Business

Hexagon Resources is aiming to Integrate Graphite Business

September 27, 2019

Hexagon Resources is currently focussing in becoming a vertically integrated graphite business supplying high-specification graphite materials to the energy storage sector, sophisticated technology applications and high-end industrial uses from its McIntosh project in Western Australia.

The company is aiming at becoming an industry leader in terms of quality, scale, low-costs and high margins.

McIntosh Project fully funded to commercial production (Mineral Resources Limited earning 51%)

The diverse range of premium products from the company include high purity – easily achievable to Five Nines – 99.99 w/t%C, large flake size across several deposits, and amenable to diverse high-end range of battery chemistries, expandable graphite sector and a range of tech and industrial applications.

Source: Hexagon Resources

Author : Meha Prasad

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