Harris Pontoons launches a new range of Pontoon boats - New Solstice 230 & 250

Harris Pontoons launches a new range of Pontoon boats - New Solstice 230 & 250

August 21, 2019

Harris Pontoons have now officially introduced Solstice 230 & 250 models with CZone digital switching capabilities with best-in-class electrical infrastructure. The pontoon boat models are featured with pre-programmed, single-touch modes to offer the boater with ultimate control of the onboard electrical systems. Also it can offer significantly enhanced experience with modern day luxury infused with initiative technology for every family.

The models are equipped with contemporary furniture design featuring a brand-new helm with an additional 8” of leg room and almost 70 percent more room in the rear of the boat that is a perfect thing for a family to enjoy a day on the water.

There is no other pontoon like the Solstice in the world,” said Bower. “Our pontoon product development team at Brunswick engineered a beautiful and contemporary pontoon like nothing we have before in the marketplace. We are excited to get the Solstice models on the water for our customers to enjoy.”

Also, other facilities available on the boats are USB chargers in every piece of furniture and more than 20 cup holders. Other things include an optional wireless phone charger, lighted speakers and screens of 7” and 9”.

The new 230 and 250 Solstice models will create a new category in the pontoon market,” said Huw Bower, Brunswick Boat Group president. “Harris continues to redefine the industry and these new luxury pontoon models give the consumer a premium product based on the advanced technology, amenities and capabilities that are available through the partnership with Power Products.”

This is the first Harris Pontoon boat model that has been equipped with the functionality of CZone connectivity and digital switching. Both the models offer the most advanced digital switching system for pontoons with a clean helm design, superior electrical architecture and intuitive ease of servicing.

The CZone feature offers to change the functionality and modes that is a great option for not only the advanced boaters but also for the novice. Some of the advanced features of CZone digital switching include pre-programmed, single button click modes such as: “Party Mode”, “Swimming Mode”, “Cruising Mode” and more.

The new Solstice models show off our dedication to innovative and manufacturing the best pontoons in the world as well as the inspiration our customer feels on the water,” said Bower. “To showcase this model with CZone, displays Brunswick Boat Group’s commitment to all Brunswick brands working together to drive innovation and lead their respective markets. The early response for this offering has been incredible and we are excited about the future at Harris.”

Source: Harris Boats

Author : Meha Prasad


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