Taiga Unveils Its New Electric Personal Watercraft named Orca

Taiga Unveils Its New Electric Personal Watercraft named Orca

September 26, 2019

Taiga has introduced its new electric personal watercraft, Orca that is featured with a full carbon fiber hull construction, clean puristic body lines, and a floating seat made possible by the absence of a combustion engine.

Orca is 2.90 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.01 meters tall, breaking away the tradition of building bigger and more powerful personal watercraft. With up to 180 horsepower and under 600lbs ready to drive, the Orca delivers one of the highest power to weight ratios in the industry while remaining nimble, silent, and practical for everyday use on the water.

The watercraft Orca can generate over 134kW (189hp) for incredible acceleration and a top speed up to 104km/h (65mph). With a sub 5-millisecond response time, the driver delivers incredible control on any terrain. The lithium-ion battery runs on an automotive standard system voltage of 400 volt. This has the advantage of greater efficiency and, for the first time, brings automotive levels of reliability and safety to powersports.

The drivers will have no more trips to the gas station and will not have to face any more hauling fuel down to the dock or spills into the lake, and no more engine maintenance. Also, users will no longer have to disconnect their 12V batteries for fear of draining them. Orca will be backed by an industry-leading 5 years no-maintenance powertrain warranty and remote diagnostics anywhere they are sold.

Behind the dashboard of the watercraft is a powerful onboard computer offering intelligent connectivity via built in GPS mapping, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Users can choose from a full suite of integrated sensors from water temperature to cameras and sonar to explore their environment. From the dashboard or the connected app, users can adjust vehicle parameters for their perfect ride. Connected Orca users will also benefit from continuous updates to their vehicles as the latest advancements are made available via remote updates.

Orca also presents a solution to bridge the societal rift between those ultimately looking to enjoy a day by the water, producing 0 g/kWh of emissions and a quiet ride.

Orca was unveiled by Taiga on Toronto’s Harbourfront on 17th September.

Source: TAIGA Motors

Author : Meha Prasad


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