AVRA Medical Robots to Perform Medical Procedures Using Surgical and Non-Surgical Devices

AVRA Medical Robots to Perform Medical Procedures Using Surgical and Non-Surgical Devices

September 09, 2019

AVRA is developing a fully autonomous surgical robotic system known as the AVRA arm to perform a wide range of medical procedures that is currently performed by human hands using surgical and non-surgical devices. AVRA is focussing on researches that can help meet rising expectations of patients and practitioners alike for the precision, safety and speed offered by robotics and artificial intelligence when combined with proven medical devices and surgical instruments.

The AVRA Arm is an intelligent system with built-in software programs, adaptable to many, many situations and the more procedures it does the smarter it gets,” said Barry Cohen, Chairman and CEO and AVRA.

Barry Cohen also mentioned in an interview, “The doctor’s hands can pick up and use a wide range of different instruments. It’s the same with the AVRA robot. The arm itself holds the instrument but can also do the procedure. It follows a program the doctor selected for the procedure. If you completed one type of procedure for, say a micro needling event, you can change instruments and programs for the arm to proceed to the next procedure e.g. tattoo removal, targeted biopsy, delivery of biologicals, etc.”

AVRA is operating with an expert team to spread its expertise in sectors such as medicine, robotic surgery and training, research, innovation and development in robotics, software and artificial intelligence.

Source: AVRA Medical Robotics


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